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What's Happening In Venezuela, And Why Everyone Should Care

As a native Venezuelan living in United States, I have been knocking my head trying to come up with ideas on how to help my country while living away for the past 12 years. Let me make this clear, Venezuela, once known to be "The pearl of the Caribbean" is now a severely poor country, ravaged by a false idea of "socialism", corruption, oppression, political imprisonment just for opposing its president, Nicolás Maduro, regime, which every day is looking more and more like a brutal dictatorship. As a native communicator I honestly think the best I can do is try and tell this story, resume 18 very dark years into an article so everyone can get a slight idea of the horror millions of people, including my family and friend are going through. This is Venezuela nowadays, I promise you, it's not pretty:

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1. Severe malnutrition due to inability to access food / Via

52% of children monitored in Venezuela by non profit organizations present some kind of nutritional deficit and 25% show some form of acute malnutrition in four of the main states of the country: Capital District, Miranda, Vargas and Zulia.

According to the various studies, 28% of minors are at risk of malnutrition and 9% have a level of malnutrition, leading to death of many children across the country.

2. Devaluation of currency

Venezuela is experiencing a severe devaluation of currency that, due to the lack of national production of goods and services makes it impossible for Venezuelans to find food, medicines, and products such as soap, toilet paper among other things that are taken for granted in the majority of the world.

3. Violence

Violence has gone overboard in Venezuela. with statistics going beyond 30,000 deaths annually throughout the country and an empire of drugs and kidnappings handled from inside prisons under the watch of the national government, Venezuelans are in constant fear for their lives. Caracas, the capital, is the world's most violent city, together with San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

4. Massive institutional and financial corruption


The government has deflated the national reserves and taken them abroad for the benefit of a few. Venezuela is the 3rd country in the world with the largest amount of capital in foreign banks, while people within its borders is dying of hunger and lack of proper treatments for illnesses. Not to mention the Judicial Court and every single minister or institution is in service of president Nicolás Maduro and its needs.

5. There is no freedom of expression

This started 15 years ago, with Hugo Chavez, who, under excuse of "not renovating its concession" decided to close a TV Station and several radios that opposed his views and measures. This has only gotten worst under Nicolás Maduro, media is absolutely censored , social outlets is the way to go for Venezuelans right now, and sometimes that is not even feasible, due to shortage of internet services.

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