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10 Parts Of Being A Christian Collegiate Student Athlete

10 events that are bound to happen during your freshman year

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1. Realizing that you're not the best on the team

So you're telling me I'm going to have to compete for my spot? Going from the best person on your high school team to the bottom of the pack is a lot to swallow in your first couple weeks of college.

2. Working the hardest you ever have, but not getting off the bench

You've gotta be kidding me. Wondering if your efforts are even helping or if you should just quit because you're not a part of the team on the field anyway.

3. Trying to understand how you are supposed to manage school and athletics

What kind of torture is this?! Lack of sleep, muscle soreness and constant hunger don't even touch on the struggles of trying to make the dean's list while in season.

1. 6. Meeting teammates who teach you life lessons

@SCARPS you changed my life for the better and although you were only on the team one year, you taught me more about myself than I could have ever learned.

7. Playing your first collegiate game and feeling like you have forgotten how to play

please don't pass to me, please don't pass to me, please don't pass to me. Zero self confidence, zero self worth, and to top it off, poor performance.

8. Seeing why God put you through those trials and how you have grown with Him

I love you God. Thank you for sticking by me in the ups and the downs and showing me how I can do everything all for your glory.

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