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10 Tweets Only People Afraid Of Commitment Will Understand

"How is it easier to commit to watching an eight-season TV show than a 2.5-hour movie?"

1. You know you've got some problems...

I wish I could commit to anything for as long as I have kept some Chrome tabs open

2. ...because you'll flake on your own plans

Problem is that I press the snooze button like..

3. You can't even deal with real relationships

The best part of any date I've ever been on has been the end.

4. And sleep is the only bae you want

I'm not sad because I'm alone I'm sad because I don't want a relationship with anyone else but my bed

5. The smallest decisions seem like life or death

Sunday morning: get out of bed, shower, be happy? OR stay in own filth?? Legitimately lost over this decision.

6. And people who know you get mad confused

I think my wife was more nervous to join my phone plan than when we got married #commitmentproblems

7. Your decision-making is a never-ending puzzle

How is it easier to commit to watching an 8-season tv show than a 2,5 hour movie?

8. Even your head can't commit to working for you

Had an idea for a tweet but I forgot it. Probably for the best tbh

9. The world could end and you still wouldn't commit to a plan

deciding where to spend a snow storm is a huge commitment and I'm not in a place in my life where I feel ready to make it.

10. But if there's an option to chill, you'll happily choose that forever

The moment you commit to fully flaking on a pool party and can go home, take off your bra, and reach for that second slice.

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