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11 People Who Can Do Both

The only type of person to surround yourself with.

1. This stylish dude, who can slide from casual to dressy, no sweat:

2. Or this girl, who also makes the transition look effortless:

3. These twins, who, when combined, can easily do both simultaneously:

4. And this sartorial toddler, who can also sport a leather jacket:

5. This versatile guy, who's as comfortable in the garage as he is in the boardroom:

6. Or this man, who, clearly, can do mad and sad:

7. This dog, who can do denim or dapper:

8. This bulldog with a wild side that he tones down for the gala:

9. This cat, who looks great chilling and even better with a bowtie:

10. This cake that can rock sweatpants but also cleans up nicely:

11. And this pine tree with some serious style range:

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