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10 Funny Family Moments You Deal With During The Holidays

Holidays = endless questions about your love life + 50,000 selfies with grandma

1. When you spend one hour teaching your grandpa how to send a picture in a group text...

2. ...but then quickly regret it when he sends a batch of 82 images at once.

3. When you text your cousins at the table to make fun of all the ridiculous things your older relatives are saying.

4. When you fake a phone call in order to avoid your aunt’s questions about your love life...again.

5. When your sibling steals your phone and shows everyone your extra duck-face selfies.

6. When you have to video-chat your mom in the grocery store to make sure you’re buying the right ingredients.

7. When that family member no one was expecting actually shows up to dinner and you expertly buy a last-minute gift on your phone without ever looking down.

8. When you’re showing your dad pictures of your cat and you get a *spicy* text notification from your bae.

9. When you and your siblings expertly team up to stalk the social media accounts of your former high school classmates.

10. When you need multiple attempts to get everyone picture-perfect for a family photo within the 10-second countdown.

Design by Dan Blaushild / BuzzFeed.

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