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12 Ways Graduation Is The Best And The Worst If You Met Your BFF In College


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1. You'll have the best celebrations together over senior week...

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2. ...but you'll also stay up until 3 a.m. devastated that you're both moving to different cities.

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3. You'll want to be their loudest cheerleader when they walk across that stage...

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4. ...but you'll actually be a flood of tears the second you hear their name called.

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5. You'll customize your caps together for a super-memorable BFF pic...

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6. ...but you'll also spend three hours trying to get that perfect pic.

7. You'll strut around campus together with your shiny new diplomas...

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8. ...but inside, you'll both be freaking out about finding a job.

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9. You'll help each other move out no matter how frustrating it gets...

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10. ...because packing up four years of memories will actually be the worst part.

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11. And when you toast at the graduation dinner, you'll know who to really thank...

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12. ...because it was your BFF who actually made college so worth it.

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