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    Oct 24, 2014

    10 Simple Ways To Protect Your Home From Burglary

    Did you know burglaries increase during the winter? As the nights draw in homes remain in darkness for longer, making them an easy target for burglars. Check out our top ten tips to keep your home safe.

    1. Keep your keys away from windows and doors

    Don't leave your keys or ID documents within easy reach of doors, letterboxes or windows.

    2. Lock your windows and doors


    Sounds simple doesn't it? But you'd be amazed at the number of people who leave windows and doors unlocked.

    3. Make it look like someone is home


    If you go out make it look like someone is home. Install timer switches linked to lights or a radio .

    4. Install a visible burglar alarm


    A visible burglar alarm is a powerful deterrent.

    5. If you're going away cancel milk and mail


    Cancel deliveries such as papers, milk and other items if you know you will be away for a while.

    6. Lock away garden ladders and tools


    Burglars will often use ladders and garden tools to break into your property. Keep them secure and locked away in a garage or shed.

    7. Keep side gates locked and wheelie bins behind them

    Side gates are an easy way to gain access to your property, especially if they're left unlocked.

    8. Buy a safe

    Invest in a safe for valuables and sentimental items.

    9. Install outdoor lights


    Increase visibility at night to deter burglars.

    10. Register your valaubles at


    Photograph and mark valuables and sentimental items with your postcode and house number/name. Register them at

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