14 Small Chores That Have Massive Satisfaction Levels

You know what they say: If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. And some jobs give you more satisfaction than others - especially if you’ve got the right tool for the job - like method’s cleaning products which smell like heaven, clean like heck and are safe for you and your home.

1. Making the bed.

…Because you know it’s going to feel like this when you get in it:

2. Washing the windows.

… Cleany, cleany clean.

3. Hoovering up pet hair.

For best results, get it at the source.


4. Powerhosing.

Makes you feel like a Ghostbuster.

Real family favourite:


5. Taking out the rubbish.

And knowing that your house will no longer stink of eau du gar-bage.

6. Cleaning your keyboard.

BONUS TIP: shake it over a bowl first, collect the debris and you get free Bombay Mix.

7. Cleaning your computer screen.

Especially if it’s as dirty as yours is, you animal.

Just take a look at that white box above. See how dirty your screen is? You should be ashamed.

8. Doing your laundry.

9. Cleaning your carpets.

But only if you make little patterns on it first, then scrub them out.

Unless, you’re this guy:

Why is there salad and blue Panda Pop everywhere? How does he live?!

10. De-cluttering cupboards.

11. Mowing the lawn.

12. Sweeping leaves.

Then burrowing in the leaf pile like a chilly hedgehog.

14. Mopping the floor.

If you like getting down and dirty, then check out method’s sweet-smelling, all-natural, 100 percent neat freak-compliant cleaning products. Go on, embrace it.

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