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11 Common Mistakes People Make In The New Year

Keeping resolutions is easier said than done. In fact, there are all kinds of obstacles that prevent you from doing your best. Stay healthy without stress with the help of Meta.

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1. They make unrealistic resolutions.


Progress takes time and patience. Unfortunately, resolving to be an entirely different person in the next month isn't going to get you there. Instead, pick small, attainable goals to work towards.

4. They fail to prepare.


Would you take a trip without packing? That would be CRAY. Similarly, you shouldn't resolve to change an aspect of your lifestyle — like cooking every night instead of ordering in — without spending some time planning ahead.

5. They frame resolutions negatively.


Rather than focus on things you want to change about yourself, think about ways to make your life better. For example, instead of resolving to "stop being lazy," resolve to "start getting more done in the mornings."

7. They don't focus on what they enjoy.

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Everyone is different, and your goals should be suited to things you actually like doing. Don't resolve to learn an instrument if you've never been a music lover; instead, find something that you're excited about and ready to accomplish!

10. They neglect to anticipate hurdles.

Inevitably, life will get in the way of your progress. What if you get sick, and you're in bed for a week, or a family member needs you, and you're left without time to yourself? Don't beat yourself up; breathe and know that you will get back to it.

11. They forget about balance.

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No matter where you are in your resolution journey, don't forget that it's all about balance and moderation. Be kind to yourself and to your body, learn to balance the good and the bad, and you'll be well on your way to a successful New Year's resolution.

You’re not the only one singing the Broken Resolution Blues. Meta understands the struggle too.

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