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    Apr 10, 2013

    28 Unusual And Wonderful International McFlurry Flavors

    We all know that the McDonald's McFlurry is one of the premier soft serve desserts in the world, and the mind-boggling varieties of flavors is practically a language of love.

    1. Kit Kat and Strawberry - Japan

    2. Toblerone - Switzerland

    3. Ovomaltine - Switzerland

    Flickr: mcdonalds_switzerland

    As you might have assumed, Ovomaltine is Ovaltine.

    4. Ballerina Pepparkaka - Sweden

    Flickr: mcdonalds_sverige

    A limited-edition filled gingerbread biscuit from Sweden.

    5. Stroopwafel - Netherlands

    Flickr: daelmans_stroopwafel

    A thin caramel waffle.

    6. Cadbury Creme Egg - UK

    7. Red Bean - China

    8. Exoticas - Mexico

    Flickr: aventurasgastronomicas

    Made with Turin chocolates, which are liquor-filled chocolate morsels.

    9. Raspberry Flake - UK

    Flickr: ljandrews66

    Flake chocolate is a light, flaky chocolate bar.

    10. Negresco - Brazil

    Flickr: mcdonaldsbrasil

    Negresco is a Brazilian Oreo.

    11. Bubblegum Squash - Australia

    Flickr: little_king_designz

    This McFlurry is made with bubblegum flavored syrup and mini marshmallows.

    12. Lapataia - Uruguay

    Flickr: eeternidad

    Apparently, this is a dulce de leche concoction.

    13. Baci (!!) - Italy

    Flickr: leandrociuffo

    Baci are an amazing hazelnut-filled chocolate delight.

    14. Kranky - Mexico

    Flickr: nycblondieandbrownie

    Kranky are chocolate-covered corn flakes.

    15. Strawberry Shortcake - Japan

    16. Magnum Classic - Germany

    Flickr: alita-tenshi

    Magnum Classic is a chocolate-coated vanilla ice cream bar.

    17. Cadbury Mini Eggs - UK

    18. Cadbury Black Forest - Europe

    19. Milo - various locations

    Flickr: w_yvr

    Milo is a type of crunchy cereal.

    20. Pistachio - Italy

    21. Blueberry Oreo - Japan

    22. Marabou Jordgubb - Sweden

    Flickr: mcdonalds_sverige

    Made of Marabou chocolates and strawberry.

    23. Pineapple Oreo - Colombia

    24. Matcha (Green Tea) - Japan

    25. Taro Oreo - Asia

    Flickr: chubill

    Taro is a type of root vegetable.

    26. Lime - Malaysia

    27. Daim - Sweden

    Daim is a crunchy butter almond bar covered in milk chocolate.

    28. Lakritsi (Black Liquorice) - Finland

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