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16 Things You Can Buy In Pete Doherty's New Shop

Babyshambles frontman and former Libertine has opened a Camden, London shop called Doherty & Martin: The Rag & Bone Collection. The shop is manned (we'll see how long this lasts!) by Doherty himself and sells various knick-knacks and band memorabilia. 'Essentially, it’s a really expensive car boot sale.' So, what's for sale at our favorite rogue's 'Rag & Bone' shop?

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Cigarette Butts

Apparently, the artist has been storing up rubbish for a while. He claims to have cigarette butts from such famous friends as Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie, ex-girlfriend Kate Moss, and the late Amy Winehouse. These stubs are valued at £100 each.

Used Wrapping Paper

The store is selling crumpled Christmas wrapping paper that once concealed a present given to a member of Black Sabbath. The gift-giver was former Coventry City goalkeeper, Steve Ogrizovic. The fairly reasonable asking price is £200.

Messages In A Bottle

These are like a psychoactive grab bag. Each bottle contains unique stories and poems that will take a James Joyce scholar to decipher. These are a steal at £100 each.

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