16 Things You Can Buy In Pete Doherty’s New Shop

Babyshambles frontman and former Libertine has opened a Camden, London shop called Doherty & Martin: The Rag & Bone Collection. The shop is manned (we’ll see how long this lasts!) by Doherty himself and sells various knick-knacks and band memorabilia. ‘Essentially, it’s a really expensive car boot sale.’ So, what’s for sale at our favorite rogue’s ‘Rag & Bone’ shop?

1. Cigarette Butts

Apparently, the artist has been storing up rubbish for a while. He claims to have cigarette butts from such famous friends as Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie, ex-girlfriend Kate Moss, and the late Amy Winehouse. These stubs are valued at £100 each.

2. Used Wrapping Paper

The store is selling crumpled Christmas wrapping paper that once concealed a present given to a member of Black Sabbath. The gift-giver was former Coventry City goalkeeper, Steve Ogrizovic. The fairly reasonable asking price is £200.

3. Old Tour Posters

Much of the inventory consists of band paraphernalia, including tour posters. Perhaps this Libertines one is among the collection.

4. Old Tin Packaging

Many of the tins seem to be antique tobacco containers from the 1940s. The tins all seem to be £200.

He has a Lloyds’ ‘Skipper’ Brand British Navy Cut tobacco tin for sale.

He also has an Ogden’s Walnut Plug Sliced tobacco tin.

However, his 1940s mustard tin is the most valuable. Don’t ask him to part with it. It’s priceless.

8. Crucifixes

He has at least one of these religious symbols in his collection.

9. Used Vinyl

The shop hosts a wide selection of eclectic titles.

10. Old Magazine Clippings

Most of his clippings are from the music press and relate specifically to one of his projects.

11. Babyshambles T-shirts

More band memorabilia, including many wearable items.

12. The Ultimate Beginner Series’ Acoustic Guitar Basics

Snatch up this book so you can learn to play guitar the Pete Doherty way.

13. Messages In A Bottle

These are like a psychoactive grab bag. Each bottle contains unique stories and poems that will take a James Joyce scholar to decipher. These are a steal at £100 each.

14. Old Apothecary Bottles

It hardly seems surprising that he would enjoy collecting pharmaceutical collectibles.

15. Snapshots

The subjects of which is sure to be fascinating.

16. Cat Shelf Sitters

This addition seems out of place, but maybe it was a lousy birthday present he couldn’t bear to part with until now.

17. A Treasure Chest That No Longer Contains Treasure

One can only guess what Pete’s empty treasure chest once held. But it must have been good.

18. Communist Flags

His collection of Communist flags are priceless and not for sale. That’s why he stores them in the back of the shop.

19. A Life-size Cardboard Cut-out of Pete

He no longer needs his paper doppelganger. For £500, you can have Pete all to yourself forever. Now, that’s a small price to pay.

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