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34 Things Only A Black Church Kid Would Understand

Praise breaks, wardrobe malfunctions, off-beat choirs, there's few things more uniting then the Black Church experience. If you're a black church kid you're sure to relate to one (or all) of these things.

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3. That one choir director who burns more calories directing than doing CrossFit. / Via Vine

8. When the soloist channels his/her inner Beyonce and unnecessarily remixes the entire song. / Via Vine

9. That one person who claps on the downbeat of every up-tempo song.

View this video on YouTube / Via YouTube

17. When you’re new at church and they ask visitors to stand. / Via Vine

20. When the church usher completely calls you out for crying during service. / Via Vine

28. When the beat is right and you totally forget you’re still in church. / Via Vine

29. The preacher who has a Gospel rendition of every secular song.

View this video on YouTube / Via YouTube

30. When the dance and mime ministry are the captains of #TeamTooMuch / Via Vine

32. The perfect stank face because the sermon is getting good. / Via Vine
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