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The 5 YouTube Channels That Make Me Want To Set My Son's iPad On Fire

YouTube is awesome. All cat videos, all the time. Unless the iPad is in the hand of your elementary school child and then you want to run and hide. These channels WIN...if there is a contest for most annoying that is.

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1. Stampy Longnose

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Stampy talks about everything Minecraft though his real calling card is his laugh. His maniacal, crazy laugh. You can easily identify a Stampy video from across the room.

2. Diamond Minecart

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I'm not sure why most of the Minecraft gamers on YouTube seem to be from the UK but it is true. They also all seem to have really annoying laughs. Diamond Minecart has both AND he often plays Minecraft that has mods loaded that we don't have the technical skills to load and/or don't want to buy.

3. The Skylander Boy and Girl Channel

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Want to be asked to listen endlessly to songs penned about the characters in Skylanders? Just introduce your kids to Skylander Boy and Girl and this fun can also be yours. I recommend the MagnaCharge song. Try to get that earworm out of your brain. Good luck!


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Pat and Jen play Minecraft together on various servers with different mods. Expect lots of "OH NO!" and annoying chatter back and forth.

5. EvanTubeHD

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Okay...I can't call a kid annoying. I actually don't mind this channel except after a few videos my son inevitably says "Mom, can you video me opening a new LEGO set so they will send me free stuff like EvanTubeHD?" No, no I cannot.


As I was typing this up, each video started briefly. My son was 5 for 5 in identifying the YouTube channel in 5 seconds or less. I am pretty sure he can't identify ME in 5 seconds are less. I have to give the owners of these channels credit, they know how to speak to kids.

Now if they could just...stop...talking so I can put away my matches.

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