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21 Ways To Keep Your Kids From Going Crazy On Roadtrip

Make your summer roadtrip a fun and eventful rite of passage instead of an "OMG please rescue me!" rite of passage.

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6. Encourage Kids to Look Outside With An Eye Spy List

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It's amazing how much more fun looking at the window is when you have a LIST of things you are looking for (and you can beat your sister).

7. Read Out Loud

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Who needs an audiobook? All you need is at least one person in the car who can read without getting carsick. Picking the right person is vitally important, though, so choose wisely. Check out more ideas for more fun and easy games.


9. Make Each Child A Travel Bag

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Once everyone is buckled in, hand each child a travel bag. Full of activities and snacks, it will keep them quiet for a bit until you are all settled into your roadtrip. Not sure what to include? Great ideas here.

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