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    23 Signs You're Hopelessly Obsessed With "New Girl"

    New Girl sets the bar high for Craigslist roommates.

    1. Whenever you put on moccasins, they instantly become driving moccasins.

    2. You use abbreviations to simplify things, but you wind up making things even more confusing.

    3. Your cat is your sig oth.

    4. You believe certain clothes give you confidence, even if they're meant for your neighbor.

    5. You get overly emotional about tiny animals.

    6. You find yourself singing about what you're doing ALL THE TIME.

    7. You have a douchebag jar.

    8. There's no such thing as a kimono that's too short.

    9. You’ve thought about buying hair chutney.

    10. You learned your best dance moves from New Girl.

    11. You Fredo kiss your best friends.

    12. You announce people’s ages in your best Schmidt voice.

    13. You've had a True American hangover.

    14. You don't know how to respond to nice gestures.

    15. You use finger guns when you shouldn't.

    16. You make at least one New Girl reference every single day.

    17. You believe Schmidt made thumb rings acceptable.

    18. Without New Girl, you wouldn't know of Latvia.

    19. You have pogos for your roommates.

    20. You've learned a thing or two about seduction from Nick and Schmidt.

    21. You've watched every episode multiple times on Netflix and are still not sick of New Girl.

    22. You prefer a booty bump to a high five.

    23. And finally, you really wish you lived in apartment 4B.

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