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6 Great Date Ideas That Are not Dinner And A Movie

Whether it’s your first date or your hundredth, you always want to make a good impression and have a fun day (or night) out. But, if the only ideas for a date that come to mind have to do with dinner and a movie, you need to be a little more inventive. Your date will appreciate something a little different and more inspired. Here are some date ideas to get you started.

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Go For a Walk
If you’re looking to not break the bank for your date, consider going on a simple walk around town. Is there a nice downtown area you’ve been meaning to check out, or is there a river or other natural feature that would make for a peaceful atmosphere? Taking a walk with your date shows a little sense of adventure, and it allows for few awkward moments. There’s less pressure to make conversation, and you can always comment about the things around you.

Check Out the Museum
If you feel like have a more cultured date experience, you might do well to visit your local museum. Whether it’s art or history that you decide to learn about, there will plenty to see and experience at the museum, which will allow for many good conversation pieces. You’ll be sure to see an interesting side to your companion. The downside to this option is that you could come off as a little pretentious to your date, but if you just have fun with it, you could have a great time.

Browse Through a Bookstore
If you and your date are bookworm, why not head to the bookstore? It’s fun just to look at the different books you find, and talking about what you’ve read lately can be a great conversation starter, as well as a way to find common ground with one another. For a fun activity, consider picking out books for each other to read, or perhaps both decide on one book you can both read together. It’d be a book club of two!

Play Board Games at Home
Another cheap option for having a date night is to play some board games at home. This option gives you a bit more freedom with how you spend your night; for example, you could choose to have some drinks or make dinner together if you’re both at home. On the plus side, staying in can expose your date to your personality. After all, our homes are extensions of ourselves.

Spend the Night Stargazing
Almost nothing is as romantic as looking out at the stars on a clear, comfortable night. Looking out into the great beyond is sure to stir up some deep conversations, but be aware: that may be a little too heady for a first date. Bonus points if you research some constellations in advance to point out to your date, who’s sure to be impressed by your celestial knowledge. Make sure you bring a blanket to lie on!

See a Live Show
If you and your date are still itching for a little entertainment on your date night, consider attending a live event. There’s just more excitement in seeing something in person rather than on the screen. Just make sure you don’t spend too much on tickets; sites like Main Event Specials offer deals and coupons that you might not find anywhere else. A theatre performance is a common date activity, but if you two are sports nuts, you could also check to see if your home team is playing. You and your date will be sure to find some connection if you’re both rooting for the same team.

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