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15 Reasons Why You Hate Leaving Your Dog At Home

Is anything better than seeing their sweet face? Greet your pup with a Merrick Kitchen Bites all-natural biscuit to make them the happiest dog in the world.

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1. Nothing is harder than leaving this pouting face in the morning:

2. Or this sleepy pooch:

3. Because you can't bear to think of them alone on the couch.

4. Sure, they'll do things while you're at work (like practice their cool dance moves).

5. Or, you know, just like do their day job and stuff.

6. But only to pass time until they hear your tires against the gravel in the driveway at the end of the day.

7. And when you enter that front door after a long day...

8. ...nothing gives you more fuzzy, feel-good emotions than this leaping loon:

9. Or this dancing pug who loses sight of space and time when you are in her midst:

10. Or these pups who have been patiently waiting to lick your toes:

11. And let's be real, you spent your entire day thinking about them (even if they are just after your nose).

12. Because who could resist this puff of fur?

13. Or this lunatic?

14. Because they take care of you, too.

15. And know how much you need a little cuddle time at the end of the day.

Give your adorable pup a Merrick Kitchen Bites treat to reward them for their patience.

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