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10 Dog GIFs That'll Make You Say "Who's A Good Dog"

Dogs don't have to try very hard to impress us. But whenever they master a new trick, they deserve a big reward. Next time your dog does something great, give him the treat of a Merrick Power Bites!

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1. This smart boy manages to be dignified AND adorable at the same time:

2. This girl is pretty enthusiastic about doing her part to keep the house clean:


3. And this guy knows just when to join in:

4. This guy knows how to have a ball all by himself:

5. This guy isn't gonna let any amount of water get in the way of a proper retrieval:

6. And this fella knows how lucky he is that the cat tolerates him:

7. This girl "jumps for joy" a little bit differently than the rest of us:

8. This lady knows that "race day" can be every day:

9. This guy has a different definition of "rock 'n' roll":

10. And this corgi really goes above and beyond when he's asked to help with the yardwork:

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