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Paid PostFeb 16, 2017

14 Brilliant Products That Hikers Will Love

You can never be too prepared.

1. These organic pour-over packets that put instant coffee powders to shame.

Libra Coffee / Via

Libra Coffee makes a donation of clean water for every packet sold.

2. This app that sends crucial weather updates with pinpoint accuracy.

Dark Sky Weather / Via

Alerts give up-to-the-minute predictions for precipitation.

3. This life-saving LifeStraw Water Filter.

LifeStraw / Via

Removes waterborne bacteria so you always have access to clean drinking water from sources near the trail.

4. And this water bottle bowl so pups stay hydrated too.

UncommonGoods / Via

Refill the bowl with just a squeeze of the bottle.

5. This ultra-compact blanket that fits in your pocket.

Matador / Via

Water-repellent and large enough for at least two people.

6. Or this equally compact couch that instantly inflates for lounging.

2Modern / Via

Easily fills by dragging through the air — no huffing and puffing required.

7. One of these hiking sticks that sports a colorful and practical paracord grip.

DesertDebrisArt / Via

Each one is handmade and customizable.

8. This classy, versatile knife with a built-in survival whistle.

Opinel / Via

Also includes a fire starter that works by rubbing it along the back of the blade.

9. And a beautiful sharpening stone to keep that blade in shape.

Best Made Co. / Via

Made in the USA out of Soft Arkansas and Black Arkansas Stone.

10. Some DIY jerky for a protein boost along the way.

Fleishers / Via

Comes with a variety of custom spice blends and recipe ideas.

11. These stackable storage jars for separating snacks and keeping them fresh.

Blender Bottle / Via

Made from stain- and odor-resistant material that's also BPA-free.

12. And these extra-large wipes made from bamboo and essential oils that keep you fresh.

The Grommet / Via

They're 100% biodegradable and smell like chamomile, calendula, and eucalyptus.

13. This multipurpose bandana that's a wearable cheat sheet of survival tips.


With text printed on them that helps you navigate, start fires, signal for help, and tie knots.

14. And this stainless-steel cocktail set for celebratory drinks at the summit.

Stanley / Via

It even has a built-in juice reamer so you can add a splash of citrus.

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