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14 Aquatic Animals You Didn't Know Were Real

Think you know what kind of animals live below sea level? Think again. Here are the critters no one ever learns about in school. And to explore the distinct possibility that mermaids once existed on planet Earth, watch Mermaids: The New Evidence, Sunday, May 26th at 10pm on Animal Planet.

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1. Bat Fish

The Asahi Shimbun Premium via Getty Images

Batfish are terrible swimmers and they use their fins to "walk" around the ocean floor (a fact that this particular fellow doesn't seem to be too happy with).

2. Spirographis

De Agostini Picture Library/De Agostini/Getty Images

These tubeworms are kind of modest because they build their homes out of mucus and silt (even though they seemingly have an unlimited budget to spend on their wardrobes).

7. Tunicates

DeAgostini/Getty Images

Not to be confused with tourniquets! These guys are casually known as "sea squirts," which is pretty great. Unfortunately, they are pretty useless during emergencies.

11. Hydra

Auscape/UIG via Getty Images

Hydra reproduce asexually, and scientists are obsessed with them because they have regenerative qualities that indicate they do not die of old age. So stay tuned for their global domination.

Inspired by "Mermaids: The New Evidence"


Were mermaids real? Seems like they certainly COULD'VE been!