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    These Fruit Hacks Will Save So Much Time

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    Fruit Hacks That Will Save You So Much Time

    First things first, this is how you should be peeling your mangos:

    Either way works great!

    And when it comes to lemons and limes, this method gives ya WAY more juice. First, stick your limes and/or lemons in the microwave for :15...

    And once they're nuked, take some tongs and squeeze that delicious juice out of the fruit and rejoice!

    Isn't that grand?

    If you have a lot left over, here's a quick trick to save some for later:

    Freeze it up to a year!!!

    The tips continue, this video is totally a gift that keeps on giving. Check this out... here's a ~cool~ way to remove stems from strawberries and seeds from cherries:

    Also, wait... have you ever tried this? SO EASY!

    When it comes to pomegranates, it is no longer impossible when you put them in water and bang 'em out like this:

    Lastly, watermelon is so much more efficiently cut when you cut it up in cubes: