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    Here Are 10 Food Hacks That You Need To Know

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    10 Food Hacks You Need To Know

    Cutting board sliding around? Use a damp paper towel to keep it in place:

    And protect those digits!

    And did you know that you can peel ginger with a SPOON?


    You'll never peel garlic the same way again:

    Just place cloves in container and shake!

    Same goes for hard boiled eggs:

    ...shake and peel!

    It's that easy!

    Hate butter that's hard as a rock?

    Then discard water and cover butter with hot cup for 30 seconds.

    And you're left with perfectly softened butter that hasn't turned into a puddle!

    Potatoes sprouting before you're ready to eat 'em?

    Adding apples will keep those spuds in check!

    Revive a loaf of stale bread with this hack: cover with water and bake at 325° F (160° C) for 8 minutes.

    Softness restored!

    For an easy way to de-kernel corn, first microwave corn for five minutes then:

    Or try sawing it off:

    Kernz on kernz.

    Did you know you can make whipped cream in a JAR?

    Just add heavy cream, vanilla, and confectioners sugar to jar.

    Then shake what your mama gave you...and ta-da!

    Thirty-second whipped cream!