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    15 Signs You're The Hermione Of Your Friend Group

    You can't help that you're the brightest witch of your age.

    1. You rarely go out.

    Via Glamour UK

    Yeah, you could hit up the bar with your friends, but honestly next week's homework isn't going to read itself.

    2. Books are fun. Books are friends.

    Via Tumblr

    If anyone's looking for you, you're probably in the library.

    3. You're not a know it all, you just happen to know it all.

    Via Glamour UK

    You're not bossy, you're the boss.

    4. You're always the first one of your friends to arrive anywhere.


    Time turner not needed, but always welcome.

    5. You're not afraid to be blunt with your friends.

    Via Human Journey

    If they're acting like a jerk, they're gonna hear about it.

    6. But you're also the first one to sing their praises.

    Via PandaWhale

    You're a big advocate for tough love.

    7. People assume you're the designated #MomFriend.

    Via Rebloggy

    Yes, you'll help them home when they're passed out drunk, but you won't let them forget about it.

    8. You're the first person your friends call in an emergency.

    Via Funny gifs

    You're an infinite source of knowledge and keep a level head in a crisis like no one else.

    9. You always remember everyone's birthdays.


    A great memory and loyalty are a winning combo.

    10. Your friends probably get better grades just because they're friends with you.

    Via IMGur

    What?! School is important! Let's study together!

    11. You're the go-to source for political happenings.

    Via ONE Campus

    Hermione had S.P.E.W., you have women's marches.

    12. You'll take down anyone who comes for your friends.

    Via Giphy

    You're not afraid to punch a couple Malfoys.

    13. You've perfected the art of the eye roll.

    Via Tumblr

    A way to keep everyone in line with zero words.

    14. Yeah, you can be strict. But when you go wild, you really go wild.

    Via Pinterest

    "Books and cleverness? There's more important things like friendship and bravery"...and binge-drinking once finals are over.

    15. You're a complete and utter badass.

    Via Pinterest

    And your friends wouldn't last five minutes without you.

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