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Chris Meloni Hung Out With A Penguin Today And Documented It And It Was Amazing

who knew he loved penguins so much!

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1. It started off small!

2. But then they commiserated over being flightless.

they look pretty bummed, don't they?

3. So they decided to take a TV break

because that's really the only thing TO do.

4. Except, of course, this

5. But you can never really get flight out of your mind.

Look at those dreamers.

6. But then it was time for a shower selfie!

Chris does have too many clothes on for a shower though.

7. But unfortunately it was time to get to work.

never go anywhere without your penguin!

8. Best friends forever

9. Who knew that in addition to being the best sex detective ever, Stabler is also a penguin whisperer?

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