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    What Trans Women Are Actually Thinking When We Take Selfies

    "Fuck. I am a cutie. Estrogen is fantastic!"

    When people take selfies they usually try to present their best selves. It's even more pressure for trans women because how we look often makes a huge difference in how we're treated, so taking selfies can be a big deal for us.

    I asked some trans women to join me in being totally honest about what we're thinking when we pick up our phones to snap a selfie, and also how it makes us feel. Here's what's on our minds:

    "I'm me and I'm ok with me. People who are unhappy with trans people can get over themselves!" –Liz

    provided by Liz

    "I just got felt up by the TSA and I have no idea what gender they perceived me to be so now I feel icky... I wonder if what I see is what they saw." –Maira

    provided by Maira

    "I'm a trans woman who loves my hair. All of it." –Annie

    provided by Annie

    "If my eyebrows aren't plucked does that mean I'm not 'really' a woman? Do I care?" –Meredith

    provided by Meredith

    "Totally over it." –Persephone

    provided by Persephone

    "I always think I'll look horrible but in the end things turn out alright." –Daphne

    provided by Daphne
    provided by Daphne

    "Good to have warpaint (aka makeup) on so I don't get read as trans and attacked." –Lilith

    provided by Lilith

    "They say I'm not woman enough because l don't always wear make-up and often get misgendered. Who cares what they think? I am a woman and I love who I am." –Michelle

    provided by Michelle

    "Fuck. I am a cutie. Estrogen is fantastic!" –Julia

    provided by Julia