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16 Reactions Any Trans Woman Who's Been To A Party Will Recognize

"So what do you think of Caitlyn Jenner?"

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1. When the host introduces you to the only other trans person at the party because they're *sure* you'd get along.

2. When someone tells you you're so lucky because trans is so "in" right now.

3. When someone tells you they're cool with gay people, clearly thinking that gay and trans are the same damn thing.

4. When someone says you're pretty for a trans girl and honestly thinks it's a compliment.

5. When you tell a girl you're trans, then she says, "Welcome to womanhood!"

(We've been here all along.)

6. When you tell someone your pronouns, but they continue to use the wrong ones.

7. When you're flirting with a cutie and they say something transphobic without even knowing it.

8. When someone asks you what you think of Caitlyn Jenner.

9. When that kid from high school outs you to the guy you're crushing on.

10. When someone asks you if you still have a penis...

11. .. to which you respond, "Yes, I have a penis, and you obviously enjoy trans porn."

12. When that girl you like is clearly not getting the message because she doesn't think trans women can be into other women.

13. When the drunk guy in the corner says he's willing to sleep with you and expects you to be grateful.

14. When it's getting late and some random girl comments on how low your voice is.

15. When you're on the floor drunk and that cluelessly transphobic cutie is offering to help you up.

16. When you're about to go home with the cutie only to realize they didn't hear you when you told them you were trans!!!

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