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Grace Dunham Interviewed Janet Mock And It Was Really Wonderful

Lena Dunham's sibling Grace interviewed Janet Mock about blackness, trans identity, and sisterhood on BuzzFeed's Women Of The Hour.

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In the second episode of BuzzFeed’s Women Of The Hour podcast, hosted by Lena Dunham, Lena's sibling Grace Dunham interviewed celebrity author, journalist, and activist Janet Mock about her youth and her hopes for young trans people.

Here are some of the things we learned:

She considers herself the “basic model of transsexual experience," and that she’s only one of many voices.

Janet Mock / Via

The visibility of black people makes Mock excited, but also angry when people say stupid shit.

Shane Henise / Via GLAAD

Cherno Biko, for GLAAD's Transgender Awareness Week photo project.

Despite people saying she should keep quiet, Mock is committed to centering blackness, transness, and womanhood in the national dialogue.

Lena Dunham considers Janet Mock her idol...

and she smells really good!

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