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26 Trans Guys Who Are Way Too Hot To Handle

Well hello there, boys.

1. Some of you may know Aydian Dowling.

He's the trans guy who made the internet thirsty last year when he re-enacted Adam Levine's Rolling Stone cover.

But he's just one of many trans guys to go wild for. Whatever flavor of T you're into, there's a trans guy who's ready to quench your thirst.

2. Hottie underwear model Laith Ashley.

3. Leo Sheng in just a towel. Yum.

4. Shane Ortega looking delicious in uniform.

5. Devin-Norelle hotly chillin' on the beach.

6. Leo Caldwell about to take a shower. Wanna join him?

7. Ryan Cassata, singer and total babe.

8. Dominic Ravina — that hair, tho.

9. Filmmaker Jake Graf, who also smolders in front of the camera.

10. If it's tattoos you're into, there's Pharaoh Preston.

11. Chance Dellan, looking dreamy.

12. Up-and-coming porn actor Chance Armstrong.

13. Easton Benjamin Moore. Wouldn't you wanna wake up to this face?

14. Lee Harrington, if you want your trans guy in leather.

15. Buck Angel, still a huge babe after all these years.

16. Oliver Bendorf. Can't handle those crooked glasses!

17. Aye Nako band member Mars Ganito, sexy and confident with a touch of lipstick.

18. Gil Giaz, looking super snuggle-able.

19. Emmet Findley — you could just swim in that smile.

20. Shane Henise, proving advocacy and hotness go together!

21. Artist Mars Hobrecker, sexy in fancy makeup.

22. Benjamin Melzer. Look at those abs!

23. Thomas Page McBee, writer and total cutie.

24. Kavindu Ade, rocking his natural hair.

25. Cris Salamanca. Don't you wish you were that teddy bear?

26. Eli Perry, who you'd want to paw.

So go ahead...

...take a dip...

...the water's fine.

Know a trans guy or two who makes you thirsty? Tell us about him in the comments!