26 Trans Guys Who Are Way Too Hot To Handle

Well hello there, boys.

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He's the trans guy who made the internet thirsty last year when he re-enacted Adam Levine's Rolling Stone cover.

Instagram: @alionsfear

But he's just one of many trans guys to go wild for. Whatever flavor of T you're into, there's a trans guy who's ready to quench your thirst.

2. Hottie underwear model Laith Ashley.

Instagram: @laith_ashley

7. Ryan Cassata, singer and total babe.

Instagram: @ryancassata

13. Easton Benjamin Moore. Wouldn't you wanna wake up to this face?

Instagram: @eastonbenjaminmoore

15. Buck Angel, still a huge babe after all these years.

Instagram: @buckangel

21. Artist Mars Hobrecker, sexy in fancy makeup.

Instagram: @marshobrecker

22. Benjamin Melzer. Look at those abs!

Instagram: @egoshooter

Know a trans guy or two who makes you thirsty? Tell us about him in the comments!