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    15 Things You Really Shouldn't Say To Trans People

    "Did you transition because you thought you were an ugly girl?"

    To highlight the onslaught of microaggressions trans people experience on a daily basis, photographer Shane Henise teamed up with GLAAD for this powerful photo project.

    It was launched today as part of Transgender Awareness Week, which will culminate with Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20.


    Shane Henise

    Rodrigo Heng-Lehtinen; trans man; he/him, advocate and social justice fundraiser


    Shane Henise

    Zoey Luna; trans teenager; she/her; student and advocate


    Shane Henise

    ("I can't give you a job – you would confuse people.")

    Drian Juarez; trans human; she/her/they/them; activist, program manager, and educator


    Shane Henise

    Tyler Ford; agender/queer; they/them; writer and speaker


    Shane Henise

    Michelle Enfield; Nadleeh/feminine; she/her; activist and advocate (Nadleeh is a Navajo word)


    Shane Henise

    Cherno Biko; Black trans woman; she/they; artivist


    Shane Henise

    Maya Jafer; trans woman; she/her; actress, advocate, and holistic doctor


    Shane Henise

    Seven King; trans male; he/him; writer, director, producer


    Shane Henise

    Peche Di; transgender; she/her; pansexual; founder and CEO of Trans Models


    Shane Henise

    Tiq Milan; transman; he/him; writer, advocate, co-founder of MMaps (Milan Media Arts and Production)


    Shane Henise

    Cecilia Gentili; transgender gender non-conforming person; any pronoun; activist, trans health program coordinator, and contributor for Trans Bodies Trans Selves


    Shane Henise

    D'Lo; trans; he/him; actor, writer, and comedian


    Shane Henise

    Jacob Tobia; genderqueer; they/them; writer, performer, and part-time fashion icon


    Shane Henise

    Kita Updike; woman; she/her; model


    Shane Henise

    Shane Henise; trans man; He/Him; researcher, advocate, speaker

    Nick Adams, GLAAD's Director of Transgender Media Programs, outlined the organization's goals for partnering with Henise on the project, which appears on GLAAD's web site. "We hope that people will see that these types of statements, even when well-intentioned, cause real harm to trans people - and to think about how trans people feel when they hear them over and over again. It's the next step in learning to be a good ally to trans people."