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13 Words That Mean Something Totally Different To Trans People

"She's just a clueless Muggle."

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1. "Clock"

For cis people: an instrument that allows you to tell time.

For trans people: when someone is able to tell that another person is trans. Some folks object to the term because of its association with being punched.

I didn't think anyone could tell I'm trans until some bratty kid clocked me.

2. "Chaser"

For cis people: that drink you have right after that other drink you have.

For trans people: a person (usually a man) who chases you around because you're trans and refuses to take the hint.

Don't friend that random guy on Facebook. He's a total chaser!

3. "Packing"

For cis people: putting your damn stuff into damn suitcases or boxes.

For trans people: using a prosthetic device to give the outward appearance of having a penis.

I thought packing would keep people from staring at my crotch when they find out I'm trans, but they keep doing it anyway.

4. "Tuck"

For cis people: what you do with your shirt to make yourself look neat.

For trans people: what you do with your lady-penis if you're a trans woman or femme to make yourself look like you have a vagina.

Almost ready to go out tonight — just have to tuck first!


5. "Pass"

For cis people: tossing something.

For racial minorities: to be perceived as a different race (usually white) than you actually are.

For trans people: to be perceived as cisgender.

I wouldn't care if I pass, except it makes me feel safer when I'm walking home at night.

7. "Binder"

For cis people: those contraptions where you keep your notes.

For trans people: those contraptions where you keep your chest contained if you're a transmasculine or otherwise gender-nonconforming person with breasts.

Wearing a binder is a total lifesaver, because it makes me feel more comfortable with my gender presentation.

8. "CD"

For cis people: those discs you played music on unless you were born in the 21st century.

For trans people: an abbreviation for cross-dresser.

I'm pretty sure she's a CD and doesn't consider herself to be trans.


10. "Read"

For cis people: to get meaning from printed words.

For trans people:

a. to get that someone's trans just by looking at them. More friendly than "clock." OR:

b. to tell someone painful realities about themselves they don't necessarily want to hear.

a. That other trans girl totally read me and we had a bonding moment.

b. Stop being so petty or I will read you.

11. "Full-time"

For cis people: a boring day job.

For trans people: a joyful occasion when you can finally present as the gender you feel yourself to be all the time.

After years of presenting as a woman only for special occasions, she went full-time last week and things are going really well so far.

12. "Egg"

For cis people: proto-chicks that will someday come out of their shell and become chickens, unless we eat them first.

For trans people: proto-trans women who haven't transitioned but will someday come out of their shell and be their true selves, unless society prevents them.

When I started growing my hair long in college without really understanding why, I was a total egg.

13. "Muggle"

For cis people: those boring people in Harry Potter books who have no magical powers.

For trans people: those boring people in the world who have no gender-changing powers, aka cis people.

Don't mind her transphobia, she's just a clueless Muggle.