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    13 Annoying Little Problems Trans Women Didn't Expect After Transition

    Why can't women's pants have functioning pockets? Is that too much to ask?

    Trans women have a lot to handle. After going through the trouble of changing your name, shifting your presentation, potentially taking hormones, and battling back all kinds of transmisogyny, there are the small, everyday challenges of living as a woman.

    Here are some of the little problems (and ridiculous gender expectations) you might not have anticipated early in transition:

    1. Needing to keep a tampon in your purse.

    2. Speaking of purses, you couldn't have just one.

    3. And speaking of periods, you kept quiet when cis women talked about them so things wouldn't get too awkward.

    4. Also, you found yourself resigned to a life without pockets.

    5. Oh yeah, and then there's having to deal with long hair.

    6. And the worst thing about long hair: It takes forever to dry.

    7. Invisible makeup was suddenly a thing.

    8. You realized it's not just what you wore, but how you acted. Suddenly, you couldn't burp too loudly.

    9. You also couldn't poop with your boyfriend in the next room (or around anyone whose opinion you cared about, for that matter).

    10. There was also a bunch of stuff you learned you couldn't talk about without it getting awkward, like your pre-transition life.

    11. But you figured out one of the all-time most awkward moments is when people ask you when you're planning to get pregnant.

    12. The absolute worst was when people started thinking you were dumb just because you're a woman.

    13. And then, of course, we have...MEN'S EGOS.

    But hey, on the plus side...

    ...nothing beats girl bonding, and women's bathrooms are a lot less gross!

    You also eventually figured out that many of these expectations are bullshit. As you acclimated to your gender, you learned which ones apply to you and which ones don't have to.