Sexy Serial Killers And Cute Cats

These killers made panties drop and pulses drop even faster. Here they are with cute cats.

1. Ted Bundy

Look at that smile. Look at that kitten. Perfect combination.

2. The Menendez Brothers


3. H.H. Holmes

This cute little guy loves history. He wants to know more about the first serial killer and his killer fashion sense. THAT HAT, you guys.

4. Charles Starkweather

This cat wants to be a model. He could learn a lot from this James Dean doppleganger.

5. Robledo Puch

Both of these young cats are good looking. Only one of them murdered people before he was 20. Guess which one.

6. Andrew Cunanan

Those abs. That smile. Too bad he killed Versace, I’m pretty sure he had to chops to model for him.

7. Jeffrey Dahmer

Those eyes. That look. Everyone likes a bad boy, especially this kitty.

8. Pedro Lopez

Hey there, handsome. You say you’ve murdered 300 women? Do you mean in bed? I’m next!

9. The Murderer of Hearts

The title says it all.

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