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    The Unofficial Ranking Of Mamoru's 10 Worst Fashion Offenses In "Sailor Moon"

    With Sailor Moon Crystal just around the corner, and the Sailor Moon remastered anime airing every Monday on Neon Valley, I've been painfully reminded of the horrifically outdated fashion statements made by Mamoru.

    10. Crumpled Pink and Brown Ensemble

    Toei Animation

    This oversized salmon shirt and tan high-waist pants combo is the least offensive outfit on the list, but only just.

    9. Heavily Stretched-Out White Dress Shirt

    Toei Animation

    This one was almost passable.

    8. Unflattering Mustard and Purple Dress Shirt

    Toei Animation

    Mustard yellow and purple is an...unfortunate color combination.

    7. Intensely Lavender Tuxedo

    Toei Animation

    It's good to know that Mamoru retained his sense of fashion in the future.

    6. Stereotypical Halloween Costume Bandit Outfit

    Toei Animation

    This anime-only ensemble isn't just offensive as a fashion, it's straight up stereotypical.

    5. Creepy Blazer and Turtleneck Combo

    Toei Animation

    Nothing screams "I'm a douchebag" like this horrifying olive blazer/turtleneck/taupe pants getup.

    4. Lime Green Pullover, Maybe Pajama Top

    Toei Animation

    Typically, one changes out of their pajamas before leaving the house.

    3. Rolled Up Turtleneck feat. Nonsensical Modern Art Design

    Toei Animation

    Is that like a mosquito repellent coil or...?

    2. Three-Shirts-In-One, Extra Rolled-Up Running Outfit

    Toei Animation

    No. Just. What even is this?!

    1. Pastel, Geometric, Puffy-Sleeve Polo Thing

    Toei Animation

    This is everything. This is pointless asymmetry, weird pastels, and cap sleeves. This is fashion hell.

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