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The Unofficial Ranking Of Every Musical Number In The Pitch Perfect Films

The final aca-countdown!

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Aca-spoilers, obv.

28. The Final Countdown

Universal Pictures / Via

Not much to say. This exists.

27. F*ck You

Universal Pictures / Via

Points for the bold song choice, but maybe the Sockapellas should find a new shtick that doesn't involve sock puppets.

26. Winter Wonderland/Here Comes Santa Claus

Universal Pictures / Via

Snoop Dogg makes this mash-up, but I have a strict 'no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving' policy.

25. Let it Whip

Universal Pictures / Via

The recorded version of this Treblemakers number isn't half bad, but we don't hear enough of it in the film to really make it stand out.

24. Promises/Problem

Universal Pictures / Via

This Barden Bellas mash-up intentionally sounds like a hot mess, but it does have some pretty funky potential.

23. Flashlight

Universal Pictures / Via

'Flashlight' is actually a pretty catchy original song, but I signed up for covers, not originals. Sorry Hailee Steinfeld!

22. The Sign/Eternal Flame/Turn the Beat Around/Bulletproof

Universal Pictures / Via

The most tame three song mash-up I've ever heard. "Bulletproof" adds a little something to it, but only just.

21. Blame it on the Boogie

Universal Pictures / Via

Sure, you don't hear a whole lot of this The Footnotes number, but what you do hear is smooth as hell.

20. Right Round

Universal Pictures / Via

This Treblemakers number is pretty cool, what with Donald bringing the rap skills and all.

19. Uprising/Tsunami

Universal Pictures / Via

The first number from Das Sound Machine certainly illustrates what they're all about. They're all about black leather and embodying German stereotypes, for the record.

18. Don't Stop the Music

Universal Pictures / Via

The Treblemakers open the entire film with this Rihanna number, and even if it lacks Jessie's sweet, sweet vocals, it's still a pretty energizing performance.

17. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy/You Can't Hurry Love/Lady Marmalade/MMMBop/My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)

Universal Pictures / Via

A cute montage mash-up of the Bellas having fun. Any arrangement that includes "MMMBop" is alright in my book.

16. We Belong

Universal Pictures / Via

Talladega Nights proved that Pat Benetar's "We Belong" has both comedic and oddly touching potential. Don't lie, your heart lept when Bumper joined in.

15. Any Way You Want It

Universal Pictures / Via

This charming performance from real life international a capella groups was almost loud enough to drown out the racist commentary.

14. Jump

Universal Pictures / Via

I've had "Deutschland will make you jump!" stuck on a loop in my head ever since I got back from the theater.

13. Lollipop

Universal Pictures / Via

As a fan of both Mika and Skyler Astin's melodious voice, I'm probably a bit biased.

12. Party in the U.S.A

Universal Pictures / Via

This Bellas sing-a-long makes for a sweet, upbeat bonding moment.

11. Titanium

Virgin Records / Via

Beca and Chloe's awkward naked duet sets into motion the events of the movie, and provides some delightful shipping fodder.

10. We Got the World/Timber/America the Beautiful/Wrecking Ball

Universal Pictures / Via

The opening number of Pitch Perfect 2 starts out as an impressive example of the Barden Bellas' talent before giving way to a rather tasteless joke.

9. Since U Been Gone

Universal Pictures / Via

Whatever the quality of the singers in question, you can't say this wasn't a fun way to do an audition montage.

8. My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light 'Em Up)/All I Do is Win

Universal Pictures / Via

Das Sound Machine is nothing if not hardcore, as displayed by their ability to effortlessly mash Fall Out Boy with DJ Khaled.

7. Bright Lights, Bigger City/Magic / Via

The Treblemakers' Finals performance is their best work, with Jessie, Benji and Donald all on point.

6. Run the World/Where Them Girls At/Lady Marmalade/We Belong/Timber/Flashlight

Universal Pictures / Via

The Bellas' International Championship performance is an awesome display of girl power. Sure, it morphs into "Flashlight" at the end, but hey, the generations of Bellas doing backing vocals is a nice touch.

5. Just the Way You Are/Just a Dream

Universal Pictures / Via

A turning point in Pitch Perfect, this rad mash-up indicates that the Bellas have finally "found their sound".

4. Cups/Cups (Reprise)

Universal Pictures / Via

The biggest take-away from Pitch Perfect, this rendition of Lulu and the Lampshades' sweet little diddy managed to transcend the film to receive ridiculous amounts of airtime.

3. Price Tag/Don't You (Forget About Me)/Give Me Everything / Via

The Bellas' Finals performance pulls everything together and demonstrates the fruits of their hard work. Plus, there's a meaningful callback to The Breakfast Club in there. Yay, closure!

2. The Riff-Off 2

Universal Pictures / Via

This Riff-Off has got everything! Weird David Cross! Heavily accented Germans! Joe Lo Truglio singing about booties! The Green Bay Packers!

1. The Riff-Off / Via

And yet, the original Riff-Off takes the crown. It wooed Beca and the audience with displays of what a capella could be, and sealed the deal with an epic rendition of "No Diggity". If there's any performance in the Pitch Perfect series that makes my heart swell with enchantment, it's this one.

Bonus: All of Me

Universal Pictures / Via

How could I ever categorize this?

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