The 31 Most Heartwarming Moments From "The Walking Dead"

Reminisce about the good times before everything goes to hell again.

31. Daryl is a rock star to the Woodbury survivors.

Just so y’all know, we liked him first.

30. Bob isn’t alone anymore.

Fuzzy and/or flirty feelings all around :D

29. Beth sings to everyone around the campfire.

If only they had stuff to make s’mores.

28. Michonne refuses to abandon a sick Andrea.

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Friends don’t let friends die before their major character arc even starts.

27. Merle goes on a suicide mission to protect the group.

Redemption granted!

26. Hershel gives Glenn his watch.

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“You’re the best my daughter has in this limited dating pool, you get the family heirloom.”

25. Daryl refuses to give up on Sophia.

This was truly one of those “it’s the thought that counts” situations.

24. The Governor’s relationship with Meghan.

You could’ve had it all, Governor!

23. Daryl and Beth burn down a shack together.

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Arson is a very productive way to deal with emotional baggage.

22. Daryl rescues Carol after she gets stuck in the prison.

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It was the least he could do after he declared her dead without even looking for her first.

21. Rick holds Judith for the first time.

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“I’ve been emotionally traumatized. I need a baby, stat!”

20. Daryl gives Beth a piggyback ride.

I won’t lie, I might have stepped into that trap on purpose just to generate this outcome.

19. Michonne and Carl hunt down the last remaining Grimes family photo.

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A BrOTP was forged that day.

18. Beth sings to Daryl while he lays in a coffin.

R.I.P my heart.

17. Bob kisses Sasha.

Hella smooth, tbh.

16. Carol rescues Judith, Lizzie, and Mika.

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Carol is such a champ.

15. Michonne cuddles Judith.

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I love Michonne’s poorly concealed mushy side.

14. Carl admits that he needs Rick.

“I need you dad. Who’s going to tell me stupid jokes if not you?!”

13. Hershel tells Glenn he thinks of him as a son.

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I’m getting verklempt.

12. Tyreese saves Judith after the prison falls.

I love it when guys get stuck with babies.

11. Michonne reunites with Carl and Rick after the prison falls.

I cried, and I my tears were strings of crazy cheese.

10. Beth and Daryl hold hands at the graveyard.

This episode was a gold mine of sappiness.

9. Rick calls Daryl his brother.

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It just so happens he’s in the market for a new brother.

8. Michonne comforts Andrea as she dies.

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“We’ll always have those months of offscreen moments.”

7. Beth restores Daryl’s faith in humanity.

It was sweet while it lasted.

6. Michonne and Carl bond.

Dorks 4 life.

5. Glenn and Maggie reunite after the prison falls.


4. Glenn and Maggie’s entire relationship.

AMC / Via

Love like there’s no tomorrow. Because there probably won’t be.

3. Daryl feeds newborn Judith.

A Lil’ Asskicker is born.

2. Daryl gives Carol a Cherokee Rose.

AMC / Via

Would you say this is when your feelings for Daryl bloomed?

1. Rick is reunited with Lori and Carl.

Like you didn’t cry.

There are so many sweet moments on The Walking Dead, I couldn’t possibly get them all. What are your some of your favorites?

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