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15 Obvious Signs That Hannibal Lecter Is A Cannibal Serial Killer

I can't believe it only took the FBI two seasons to figure it out!

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1. He doesn't eat food he didn't cook himself.

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OK, whatever Hannibal, your body is a temple.

2. And he's oddly insistent on cooking meals for his friends.

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What's the proper way to thank someone for showing up at your house to force-feed you an ear?

3. He only cooks high-concept gourmet food.

NBC / Via

Pretentious a-hole at best.

4. And he plates it all with creepy accents...

NBC / Via

Nope, nothing suspicious here.

5. ...which take full advantage of people's trypophobia.

NBC / Via

If the cannibalism thing doesn't make you want to hurl, the icky hole-filled lotus root will.

6. He decorates his home and office with murderous imagery.

NBC / Via

"Where have I seen this before? Oh right, that murder I'm investigating."

7. He's weirdly devoted to classy, old world pursuits.

NBC / Via

Ah yes, opera. The most sinister of hobbies.

8. He owns a harpsichord.

NBC / Via

He's got an evil song in his heart.

9. And a theremin.

NBC / Via

Jesus Hannibal, can't you just put on a Boyz II Men album or something?

10. He blatantly sniffs people.

NBC / Via

There's never a reason to smell someone that isn't creepy.

11. Most everyone who associates with him ends up dead or mutilated.

NBC / Via

Well, I mean you killed him, so.

12. He likes to make eerie philosophical observations about food.

NBC / Via

"And by sheep, I mean you."

13. He frequently makes cannibal puns at the dinner table...

NBC / Via

"You see it's funny because you're about to eat...nevermind."

14. And then laughs to himself about them.

NBC / Via

"Nailed it."

15. But really, it's all in the name. It rhymes, after all.

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