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I Had A "Sailor Moon" DIY Birthday Party And It Was Magical

Moon Healing Celebration!

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Having friends who know you inside and out is great, and my friends are nothing if not aware of my intense obsession with Sailor Moon. So for my 23rd birthday, they threw me a charming and thoughtful Sailor Moon themed DIY birthday party <3

Meredith Hershey

The room was decorated in a cute and girlish pastel theme, with homemade paper stars hanging from the ceiling. The pink, yellow, blue, and white colors were inspired by Usagi's costume, and they invoked a sweetness reminiscent of her personality.

Meredith Hershey

The centerpiece of the table setting was a trio of handcrafted paper lanterns featuring the silhouettes of Luna and Usagi. They were flanked by delicate little jars with pink and white flowers. The plates and napkins were grey, with white lines lining the edges in a replication of the Sailor Senshi's collars.

Meredith Hershey

For dinner, my friends lovingly put together a sweet and savory crepe bar. The buffet itself was decorated with stars and twinkle lights, and the fixings for crepes were numerous and delicious. Different flavors of Izze were available for drinking, having been chosen for their Sailor Moon-related colors. I think Usagi would appreciate such an extensive spread.

Sarah Brantley

Of course, the highlight of the party was the cake. It was meticulously decorated with pretty pink icing, edible pearls, roses, and a gorgeous cameo of Usagi against a crescent moon. The cake was chocolate, and it tasted delicious with pink champagne.

Meredith Hershey

We ate, drank, and made merry, all in the ethereal Moon Princess atmosphere. It's amazing what my friends accomplished with a small budget and limited time frame. Theme parties don't have to be crazy detailed to be fun, and I certainly felt that they did the Sailor Moon theme justice.

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