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9 Reasons You Should Be Watching Steven Universe

Believe in Steven!

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Mild spoilers ahead.

1. Steven Universe is a loving homage to the magical girl shows of your youth (and a million other things).

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Do you like pink, sparkly things? Pretty displays of magic? Precious stones? How about cool, costumed women slaying their enemies? Steven Universe embodies your love of shows like Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura, while also referencing everything from Studio Ghibli movies to The Enigma of Amigara Fault.

2. Look, it's a show about a young boy with female role models!

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A lot of stories emphasize the relationship between young boys and the older men in their lives as if that's unequivocally the most important relationship young boys can have. What makes Steven Universe great is that the primary relationships on the show are between Steven and his three magical women guardians. Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl take on different familial roles in Steven's life, which help to shape him into a strong, caring person. What's even better is that Steven's dearly departed mother is treated as a legendary figure in a manner usually reserved for a hero's father.

3. But Steven's dad is pretty great too.

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Steven's father, Greg, is a positive male role model in a world where most TV dads are either missing entirely or lazy slobs. Greg has all the makings of a hilarious failure, but his hallmark trait isn't that he lives in a van or spent his youth as a small-time 80's rocker. It's that he dearly loves his son. Greg is a total dad, jokes and all, and his open love and respect for Steven makes him one of the most heartwarming aspects of the show.

4. The humor is fun without being hurtful.

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Steven Universe displays an incredibly charming sense of humor that delights without tearing the characters down for a laugh. Steven himself is an optimist who finds humor and fun in everything, and that makes the viewer want to laugh with him instead of at him.

5. And the dramatic moments really hit home.

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The trials and tribulations of Steven, the Crystal Gems, and the citizens of Beach City are veritable mines of drama. Nearly all of it relates to common real-life experiences, and the lessons it teaches are progressive and poignant. Basically, prepare to ugly cry.

6. There's a canon lesbian relationship.

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Ruby and Sapphire may be two of Steven Universe's (seemingly) more minor characters, but their relationship is touching, and their romance actually provides context for a lot of moments in the episodes prior to their arrival. Plus, the nature of their love has been confirmed, so no one can take this away from you with claims that they're just "gal pals" or whatever.

7. Beach City is an oasis of acceptance and diversity.

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Steven Universe is populated by a rich cast of characters who are as varied in appearance as they are in personality. The diversity of the citizens of Beach City reflect the real world better than a lot of "realistic" shows do, and no one is excluded or disrespected because of their race, gender identity, or body type. And the Gems, who have no stagnant physical form, choose to eschew beauty standards and take on diverse appearances that reflect their true selves.

8. There's singing! And dancing!

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Steven Universe doesn't feature songs in every single episode, but the songs they do include are total earworms. Whether it's Steven's fusion-related lament "Giant Woman" or Garnet's triumphant "Stronger than You", Steven Universe songs enhance and emotionally charge the experience. Plus, Garnet is voiced by R&B sensation Estelle! Don't you want to hear more of her melodious voice? Of course you do.

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