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5 Reasons Why The Zelda Wii U Character Isn't Link (And Might Be Zelda)

It's crazy theory time!

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The Horse


Unless they've decided to re-color her, the horse that the trailer character is riding is clearly not Epona. While it wouldn't make sense for Link to be without his noble steed, if the character were Zelda (or anyone else), she would naturally be riding a different horse.

The Right-Handedness


One of Link's most distinctive features is that he's left-handed. Unless the controls have been flipped for motion controls, like they were in Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, than this character is most definitely right-handed. While Zelda is far from the only character to be right-handed, it fits into the theory that this character could be her.

The Body Type


Though Link has always been somewhat androgynous, this character has a noticeably small frame and girlish facial features, making it possible that they are, in fact, a girl. And because Link and Zelda look similar in hair and eye color, it could easily be her. It wouldn't be the first time that she disguised herself as a man.

The Bow


Link's signature weapon is his Master Sword (or some variation thereof), but this character doesn't seem to have one. Instead, he or she uses a bow and arrow, which just so happens to be Zelda's signature weapon. While it's possible that this could just be a moment in which Link uses one of his variety of weapons, it seems bizarre that they wouldn't include his iconic sword in their debut trailer.

Because They Said So


When asked by Venturebeat about the design elements of the character in question, producer Eiji Aonuma responded by saying "No one explicitly said that that was Link". Well that's a pretty decent tip off.

So who is it? Link? Zelda? Their descendent? Some random person? Post your theories in the comments.

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