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13 Ways To Console Your Friend About Those Tom Hiddleston/Elizabeth Olsen Dating Rumors

How does one handle this potential turn of events without spiraling into despair? Asking for a friend.

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7. Put together a Hiddleston movie marathon.

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Watch Thor, where Tom plays lovable villain, Loki! Or Only Lovers Left Alive, where Tom plays vampire!Loki! Or The Pirate Fairy, where Tom plays pirate!Loki-okay, I'll stop.

8. Pre-plan a Crimson Peak movie date with them.

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Tom, Mia Wasikowska, and Jessica Chastain live in a creepy ghost mansion! They do weird, kinky stuff! Charlie Hunnam is there too! You'll love it!

11. Break it to them that it was probably never going to work out with Tom anyway.

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Though, if you were under the impression from Tom himself that it was going to work out, you have every right to be upset.

12. Mention all of the other celebrity fish in the sea.

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Hey I mean Benedict Cumberbatch's still avai-whoops, nevermind. Well, there's always Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Oh no wait, better cross him off the list. Idris Elba? Ugh, I wish. Maybe Chris Evans is free?

13. Suggest that maybe the person they should really be jealous of is Tom.

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Elizabeth Olsen is just so cool. Have you seen Age of Ultron? She was awesome in Age of Ultron. Seriously, just watch like every movie she's ever been in. She's brilliant.

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