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    • mercyigbinoba40yahoocom

      fuck russia the povarty in the country is makeing them act like animals. dey are just being racist that is what dey are good of fucking poor country u hear the name russia u think is a good place hell no.the people are so poor and uncivilized that is the problem dey have:africa is even more civilized than them its because he is black nothing more because the fucking country named russia is full of gay and lesbians so what is the big deal about it?havent dey done more than this to the africans hear,how dey rape black girls and forc dem to have anal sex with them even under age.its pay back time the white men introduced gay to africa so the last time i checkd the russians do have police why will dey take laws into thire hands,or dey dont have gas in thire old fucking cars?

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