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Are You More Like Merci Or Jerilyn?


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  1. How do you like your coffee?

    straight black coffee, unless you're feeling adventurous and want soy milk
    grande caramel latte w/ extra caramel and whipped cream and milk and sugar <3
  2. What's your stereotypical drunk behavior?

    peeing in bushes and yelling at boys
    dancing furiously to Rihanna
  3. How do you handle stress?

    cry, rationally plan out your week, then cry more
    cry, make tea, skip class, disregard all responsibilities, stress eat
  4. What's your go-to meal at the dining hall?

    salad, soup, vegan cookie
    sushi, smoothie, dried edamame
  5. How do you feel about country music?

    love it!!
    i'd rather die
  6. What do you look for in a romantic partner?

    discusses social issues, listens to emotional rants, kind hearted, good sense of humor
    still in high school, strawberry blonde hair, plays basketball
  7. How many times does your alarm go off in the morning?

    once, then i'm automatically up and ready to start the day!!!
    at least 67 times until you wake up and hit snooze
  8. Do you know how to work a waffle maker?

    uh, yes
    not really unless my roommate is there to help me
  9. Do you make your bed?

    no, i'm not 45 years old
    yes, i have my life together
  10. What's the most exciting thing that's happened to you this semester?

    i got to see my family <333
  11. What's the most rebellious thing you've done in college?

    one time i skipped class!
  12. Which incident is the most embarrassing?

    dropping all of your thongs in the laundry room in front of boys
    getting your dress caught in your backpack and no one telling you
    getting caught by the CSUPD
    audibly burping in front of your crush
    i block all embarrassing memories out of my brain
  13. Do you exercise?

    i walk to class? (sometimes?)
    i go on runs to clear my mind because i'm healthy af
  14. What's your prized possession?

    flasks disguised as tampons
    fuzzy blankets
  15. How often do you fart in front of people?

    all the frickin time
    only with people i feel really comfortable around
  16. How many clothes did you bring to college?

    the perfect amount: not too many, not too few
    literally all of my clothes because i'm insane

Are You More Like Merci Or Jerilyn?

You got: Jeri

Congrats!!! You probably mumble so much that no one actually understands what you're saying. All you eat is Monster Mix and creepy boys want to wife you. In all reality, you prob have your life mostly together and you spend your time taking care of people who don't.

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You got: Merci

You're a human disaster and regularly trip on your own feet while talking to cute boys. You have no concept of an "inside" voice and you prob go to class about 3 times a month. You're too optimistic and have too much faith in the world, so you're regularly let down by humanity.

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