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    • mercedest

      The problem here is the hashtag. Kylie didn’t write the hashtag, but what she wrote as a response to Amanda’s reaction was a total brush off of the bigger issue. Racism of any kind is not ok, but we have to remember we are currently dealing with some large issues in the Black community connected to police brutality and the Confederate flag business. When a race/culture feels like they are not being respected, naturally they are going to try to cling onto traditions that were introduced/embraced by the “dominant” culture. Hair is a very big part of black culture and often black women are slammed for what their hair looks like, but then a white woman can wear the same hairstyle and it is “cutting edge” or a “trending style” as opposed to “ghetto.” Please! That’s frustrating. Black women will openly confess that we straighten our hair and get weaves to “fit in with society” (when the trend first began, it was white society). No one is saying that she can’t do her hair like that; people just need to be careful of knowing the history and be respectful of that. Kylie could have addressed the hashtag but she chose not to. That’s where the real issue lies.

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