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    Keep Your Plants Happy And Hydrated With These 3 Self-Watering Hacks

    For all you busy plant lovers- this hack's for you!

    3 Self-Watering Hacks For Your Plants

    Plastic Bottle Hack


    Any plastic bottle (Be sure to rinse out thoroughly if using a bottle that contained liquid other than water).

    Box cutter or scissors

    Thumbtack or safety pin


    1.Carefully cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle.

    2.Using a thumbtack or safety pin, poke 8-10 holes in the top of the plastic bottle where it tapers.

    3.Place in soil angled toward plant, deep enough to stand on its own and fill with water. Refill as needed.


    Wine Bottle Hack


    Wine bottle, cleaned




    1.Carefully hammer nail into the cork from a wine bottle. (You can also do this with a twist-off cap). Make sure the nail goes all the way through the cork, but leave a little space at the top of the cork to easily remove nail.

    2.Replace cork on wine bottle filled with water and make sure water can get through.

    3.Place in soil angled toward plant. Refill as needed.


    Plastic Jug Hack


    Any plastic jug (Be sure to rinse out thoroughly if using a jug that contained liquid other than water).

    Cotton string or shoelace


    1.Fill jug with water.

    2.Place one end of the string inside the jug, making sure it reaches the water. You can tie a weight to the bottom of the string to keep it down if necessary.

    3.Dig a hole 2-3 inches deep, about halfway between the plant and the edge of the pot.

    4.Place the other end of the string in the hole, using the soil to keep the string in place.

    5.Make sure the string is a straight line from the jug to the soil and that any excess string is in the water of the jug.

    6.Refill as needed.