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14 Roads You Need To Drive In Your Lifetime

Just a friendly reminder that there's a whole world waiting to be explored. #UNLEASH your inner explorer and take to some of the world's most renowned roads with the CLA, the ground-breaking new vehicle from Mercedes-Benz.

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1. The Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway

Marino Olivieri / Via Flickr: 12291004@N08

Norway's iconic Atlantic Ocean Road stretches about 5.2 miles, its beautiful Hulvågen bridges rising over the titular ocean and dipping back down into eight small islands and skerries.

2. Tianmen Mountain Road in China

Aleksandra Yakovleva / Getty Images

Packing a whopping 99 hairpin bends, the Tianmen Mountain Road spans 6.8 miles, eventually dropping drivers off at the famous -- and mysterious -- Tianmen cave.

3. Stelvio Pass in the Eastern Alps, Italy

dodge challenger1 / Via Flickr: 14495649@N06

The highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps, Stelvio Pass runs for 47 miles through the incredible Italian mountain range. Fun fact: the pass runs right below the "Three languages peak," the virtual meeting point of the Italian, German, and Romanish languages.

4. Yungas Road in Bolivia

imatty35 / Via Flickr: imatty35

Not-so-subtly dubbed "Death Road" by the locals, the North Yungas Road is a dangerous, if undoubtedly stunning journey that begins in Bolivias hilltops before descending down into the rich rainforest.

5. The Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys

Sean Arbabi / Getty Images

Running for an ever-so-slightly misleading 6.8 miles, Florida's famous overseas highway is a straight-shot over the Moser Channel, connecting Knight's Key to Little Duck Key near the islands' end.

6. The Autobahn in Germany

audiocomplex / Via Flickr: 9156081@N03

One of the world's most historically rich motorways, Germany's autobahn network ranks as the fourth longest highway system in the world. Spanning a staggering 7,982 miles, its sweeping streets connect almost all of contemporary Germany.

7. The Dadès Valley Road in High Atlas, Morocco

Rosino / Via Flickr: rosino

The "Road of a Thousand Kasbahs" winds its way through Morocco's world-renown Dadès Gorges, stretched 100 miles through lush landscapes and unforgettable desert vistas.

8. Lombard St. in San Francisco, CA

Wikimedia Commons / Via

Although it spans the bulk of San Francisco's dips and hills, Lombard Street is best known for a brisk, block-long stretch of twisty, turvy terrain, peppered with eight tight hairpin turns.

9. The Nikkō Irohazaka in Japan

Koichi Kumagaya / Getty Images

A Tokyo drifter's dream, the Tochigi prefecture's Irohazaka is a steep, switchback-laden country road -- each of its 48 turns decorared with a character of the Japanese alphabet -- that connects scenic Lake Chūzenji with the town of Nikko below.

10. The Col de Turini in France

BrainMaY / Via Flickr: 16914434@N02

Famous for its role in both the Monte Carlo Rally and Tour de France, this high mountain pass is largely regarded as one of the best driving roads in the world. And with that view, who could possibly argue otherwise?

11. The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road in the United Arab Emirates

SM Rafiq Photography / Getty Images

Spanning 7.3 miles, this mountain road scales its namesake -- the landmark Jebel Hafeet mountain range -- rising 1249 meters above the Garden City of Al Ain and dead-ending, quite fittingly, at an oasis hotel.

12. Serra do Rio do Rastro's SC-438 in Santa Catarina, Brazil

Wikimedia Commons / Via

With roots planted in both Lauro Müller and Bom Jardim da Serra, the SC-438 winds its way through Santa Catarina's remarkable mountain range, offering an unmatched view of the vivid Brazilian landscape.

13. The Millau Viaduct in France

flissphil / Via Flickr: flissphil

Extending 1.5 miles across the valley of the River Tarn, the Millau Viaduct ranks as the world's tallest bridge, its summit a breezy 1,125 feet above the luxuriant grassland below.

14. The Transfăgărășan in Romania

horiavarlan / Via Flickr: horiavarlan

The second-highest paved road in Romania, the Transfăgărășan is probably more fun to drive than it is to pronounce. Stretching 60 miles across the Southern Carpathian Mountains, this road sits neatly between the regions' two tallest peaks, Moldoveanu (8,346 feet) and Negoiu (8,317 ft).