The Most Insane Party Broke Out At A College Campus

Students at SUNY Cortland went a little overboard during their weekend “Cortaca” festivities. After winning against rivals Ithaca, people fled to the streets rioting, and according to 9WSYR, around 30 people were arrested.

1. I believe I can fly…

Via Twitter: @SUNYPartyStory
Via Instagram: @melissarowe18

“A girl needed protection from flying beer bottles so she wore a pasta strainer on her head #cortaca”

Via Twitter: @SUNYPartyStory

“Cortaca 2013 Album Cover”

4. The Day After Tomorrow

Via Twitter: @SUNYPartyStory

“From #Cortaca to the day after on #Clayton! #Cortaca2013”

Via Instagram: @jmaucerixo

“took 8 cops and a K9 dog to arrest my best friend who was carrying an ax around Cortland @SUNYPartyStory #cortaca”

Via Instagram: @conormc21

“@SUNYPartyStory #cortland #cortaca look both ways before you cross the street”

Via Twitter: @SUNYPartyStory

“Dad, do I have insurance?”

Via Twitter: @SUNYPartyStory

“Hey Mom!!!”

Via Twitter: SUNYPartyStory

“Because doorknobs are overrated”

Via Instagram: @jenbal24

“beer showers for Cortaca”

11. This…

Via Twitter: @jzehr11

“My roommate lost the end of his finger on cortaca An kept partying hard”

Via Twitter: @SUNYPartyStory

“real life Mario Kart”

Via Twitter:@clair_hanna

“Losing keys in dumpster . Great way to end cortaca”

Via Twitter: @itsnikkibabiii

“I love this show #Cortaca”

Via Twitter: @_clarebearr

“I guess they didn’t like your Oneonta bumper sticker #cortaca #Oneonta @Kristinasuzanne @SUNYPartyStory”

Via Twitter: @terry_megan

“Too tired to walk up the hill? Car was going at least 40mph #bestidea #cortaca @SUNYPartyStory”

Via Twitter: @IanCusack

“@SUNYPartyStory My housemates car after being lit on fire #Cortaca”

Via Twitter:@jonariso

“cortaca was madness”

Via Twitter: @SUNYPartyStory

“Shit, that kind of looks fun”

Via Twitter: SUNYPartyStory

“Best sign in the world?”

Via Twitter: SUNYPartyStory

“Welp, someone just smashed my head with a piece of furniture.”

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