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    24 Reasons Why Scott Disick Is Actually The Best Thing To Happen To The Kardashians

    All Hail Lord Disick.

    1. He's honest.

    2. He spends his spare time pranking Kris.

    3. He's very romantic.

    4. Did I say he's honest yet?

    5. Because of that time he spoke for all of the middle class.

    6. He knows how to keep the sisters warm when they fall asleep.

    7. He's practical.

    8. He's not afriad to show his affection.

    9. He's real and not afraid to express his feelings.

    10. Just look at this face!

    11. He understands our obsession with the royal family.

    12. Because he knew this marriage was doomed from the start.

    13. He has excellent interior decorating skills...

    15. He has some impeccable pick up lines, really...

    15. Everyone loves him. Everyone...

    16. He's fashionable.

    17. He has excellent advertising skills.

    18. He comes up with incredible realizations...

    19. Most humble of them all...

    20. He keeps himself busy by trying new hobbies.

    21. And he'll keep moving on to something else if it doesn't work out.

    22. He can get a little jealous sometimes, too.

    23. But it's okay because he's really the only one who's lasted...

    24. Lastly, he just knows what to say...

    All Hail Lord Disick