14 Signs Your Cat Is Actually Your BFF

Friends 4 LYFE.

1. They’re ALWAYS a short phone call away.

In fact, they’re usually in your home.

2. There’s no one else you’d rather go home to.

3. You have a secret handshake.

4. You’re, like, totally chill about being in the bathroom together.

Luca Vanzella / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: vanz

5. They help you in the MOST URGENT of situations.


6. They’re the best companion to stay in and watch TV with…

7. …but also totally game to go out with you.

8. There’s no better slumber party companion.

9. You go on super fun trips together.

Indian Paintbrush / Via jello-time.tumblr.com

10. They’re not afraid to keep it real…

No, I don’t like that. Stahp.

11. …and you ALWAYS make up after fights.

12. People say you look alike…

13. …and even act alike.

14. You’re pawsitively purrfect together.

Pathé Renn Productions / Via anamorphosis-and-isolate.tumblr.com

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