15 Cat Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

OMG. The stuff of every kitty’s dreams.

1. Scratch ‘n’ sniff catnip stickers.


SCRATCH ‘N’ SNIFF FOR CATS. The stickers are printed with bubbles of catnip that burst when cats rub or scratch the material! Available from SuperCat.

2. An entire massage center.

This contraption does everything from massaging paw pressure points to cleaning teeth and gums! Buy it here.

3. The Cat Crib.

Fits under virtually any chair. Buy it here.

4. “Human-to-Cat Translator,” the app.


Free for iPhone and Android.

5. Dry food scoops that collapse into food bag clips!

They measure, scoop, AND clip. Available at Popware for Pets.

6. The KatKabin.

A cozy lounge and bed for outdoor kitties. It’s insulated and designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures. Available here.

7. The Holga Cat Camera.

A 35 mm film camera that meows and uses light patterns to get your kitty’s attention. NEED. Available here.

8. Handmade catnip toys.

They’re unique, made with love, and all over Etsy! Buy this one here.

9. The PetCube!

A sleek, minimalist cube that lets you remotely monitor, record, and play with your cat (using a smartphone). Pre-order it here.

10. These food and water bowls:

Elevated ceramic cat bowls with paws! Available here.

11. Dynamic/rearrangeable cat scratchers.

It’s a mouse, a hedgie, a tunnel, AND various scratching surfaces! Buy here.

12. A rustic Cat Cabin.

By Loyal Luxe.

13. Or perhaps a cozy teepee?

Also available for purchase from Loyal Luxe.

14. The Calabash Cat Swing.

It can be hung from the ceiling as a swing, but it also comes with a stand to act as a stationary cat bed! It also just looks really cool. Buy it here.

15. Paint for Cats, the app.

Your cat chases a digital mouse and makes abstract paint marks every time a paw swipes the screen! Afterwards, you can print and frame your cat’s grand masterpiece. Download here.

While these inventions are culled from the magical depths of the internet, you’ll find plenty of other cat innovations in one place: on Meow Mix’s CatstarterSM!

Kickstarter, but for cats! Browse, suggest, and enter to win some truly innovative cat products.

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