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11 Moments You Can Only Share With Your Cat

You and your cat see sides of each other no one else can. Meow Mix® cat food wants you to celebrate these irresistible moments (and the awesome cat that makes them possible) with Meow Mix® Irresistibles™ cat treats.

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1. When it's a cold night, and your cat comes over to snuggle with you.

2. When you both have a conversation purely in "meow" form.

And it's surprisingly one of the better conversations you've had.

3. When you wink at your cat, and he winks back.

He gets you.

4. When you stand up for literally two seconds, and your laptop gets a new keyboard cover.

Heat = good.
Will Herring

Heat = good.

5. When she scratches up your couch, but then gives you that special cat look, and you immediately have to forgive her.


6. When you walk around on all fours trying to mimic your cat, and he's like, whaaat are you even doing RN.


7. When that paper bag you left on the counter becomes a permanent fixture / cat bed. / Via

If you'd only known before you bought her that fancy cat tree...

8. When you take turns being the big spoon.

9. When you wake up to this face sharing (and drooling on) your pillow:

Will Herring

10. When you want more attention, and your cat feels like you've got no chill. / Via

Human. Be cool.

11. Or those other times when you come home, and your cat couldn't be more excited to see you.


Show thanks to that special feline with Meow Mix® Irresistibles™ cat treats. You know they deserve it.